Residential Properties:

At P&A Management we are committed to maximizing the benefits of your investment through efficient management of your property, freeing you from management problems while providing the most professional services. We develop strong relationships with real estate professionals and maintenance vendors to provide you the best blend of services. Residential property managers are dedicated to keeping your investments in good repair at minimal cost.

Whether contracted to manage the investments of a single property owner, condominium association, homeowners association or, planned neighborhood development, we give each client individual attention and care.

For Condominium and Homeowner Associations, our services include:

  • Monthly assessment collections
  • Monthly financial detailed financial reporting
  • Balance sheet
  • P/L statement
  • Detailed list of payables
  • Detailed delinquency report
  • Cash Flow
  • Regular monthly on-site property inspections
  • Institute preventive maintenance programs
  • Draft bid specifications for all major contracting projects
  • Follow up on all work orders and contractor performance
  • 24/7 emergency response

For Rental Properties, our services include:

  • Determining rental market value
  • Providing protection through proper lease agreements
  • Facilitating move in and move outs· Collecting and securing security deposits
  • Minimizing rent loss by advertising your property for lease
  • Providing rental applications, deposit forms, late notices and other legal documents
  • Providing comprehensive tenant screening
  • Performing credit checks and other verifications in order to select a quality tenant
  • Providing qualified and reasonably priced maintenance personnel who get the job done right
  • Handling all communications with the tenants